Welcome to Foothills Family Medical Centre

The clinic is excited to announce that we will be accepting appointments at both our Foothills Family Medical Centre and the Diamond Valley Medical Clinic starting Monday May 11, 2020.  We want to let you know we have made changes to better promote patient safety and health in the clinic with COVID-19 still present in the community.   Some of the changes that are being applied in the clinic are:

-Increased sanitation and cleaning of the clinic and treatment rooms,

-Pre-screening of all patients before they enter the clinic,

-Scheduling patient appointments to allow for physical distancing,

-Asking patients to remain in their vehicle and call the clinic when they arrive so that we can be completely prepared for their visit, and

-Requesting that if you have a mask that you wear it to your appointment,

These changes will take time to get used to, but we are making them to ensure the best health outcomes for our patients and staff.  We will still be facilitating phone consults with the physician and the patient.

If you have a fever, cough, runny nose or difficulty breathing at the time of your appointment please notify the clinic by calling 403-933-4368, self isolate and reschedule your appointment.

Our community based family practice strives to improve the health of our communities through leadership, excellence in family medicine, education, patient centered care and community service.

We’re accepting new patients and we’d love to hear from you!