Dr. Arne Van Aerde

Dr. Van Aerde grew up in Edmonton, AB. He attended medical school at the University of Alberta where Dr. Doran threw spit balls at him constantly. He then completed his Family Practice Residency through the University of Calgary. His home training site was the clinic in Black Diamond (so you can blame all his bad habits on Dr. Grisdale, Schuck, and Dowdall). He opened his practice in the clinic in 2011. In addition to the clinic, he works regularly in the Oilfields Hospital Emergency Department.

Dr. Van Aerde is a self-proclaimed locked room master and champion of boardgames. He has played soccer since he was 5 and, although he is not quite as good as Dr. Grisdale, even travelled to Brazil in 2014 to watch the World Cup. He is not Dutch, but his parents moved to Canda from a small country close to Holland. His favorite activity is bothering his office-mate, but when he is not doing that he can be found hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, or spending time with his family and avoiding the sun at all costs! Sometimes you can even see him running around Black Diamond on his lunch breaks. And yes….he does bleed Orange and Blue!

Dr. Arne Van Aerde, MD, CCFP